You wanted a playlist, you got a playlist! The December 2ndest playlist in the world, THISS!

Afrodizz  –  No Time

Rheostatics  –  Record Body Count

Belle and Sebastian  –  I’m Not Living in the Real World

Exploding Star Orchestra  –  Impression #1

Subtle Lip Can  –  Inside Look

Sun Wizards – Quit Acting Cold

Psychic Alliance – Tri-Scare-a-Tops

Ex- Boyfriends – Never Been Happier

The Depression – Sometimes You Just Wanna Die

Shooting Guns – Harmonic Steppenwolf

Michael Rault – Shell Cut You Down

Mitts – Two Timing White Girls

No Bunny – Do the Fuck Yourself

Black Mountain  –  The Hair Song

William Shatner/Henry Rollins  –  I Can’t Get Behind That

The Wright Specials  –  Ninety-Nine and a Half Won’t Do

New York Complaints Choir  –  New York Complaints Choir Song

Zach Hill  –  Memo to the Man

Les Savy Fav  –  Appetites

Sparrow  –  The Quiet Revelation

Hellogoodbye  –  The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan  –  You Won’t Let Me Down Again

Maserati  –  Ruins

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