3…2…1! Let’s obsess!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a documentary that’s just been released about everybody’s favourite whimsical curmudgeon, Stephen Merritt, and his band, the Magnetic Fields. It’s called Strange Powers, after one of Merritt’s songs, of which there are many. Here’s a look at the trailer which, if you live in Edmonton, you might as well watch about 40 times and pretend it’s the entire movie, for all the screenings it’s getting around this place*.

You might also consider reading this very interesting article about Mr. Merritt and his movie from the New York Review of Books, or perhaps this very interesting article about his close friend/band manager/chief understander Claudia Gonson and the books she’s read in her lifetime, also from the New York Review of Books. She’s friends with Neil Gaiman. Are you?

And/or, you could “watch” this “video” of the first Magnetic Fields song I ever loved, Two Characters in Search of a Country Song (still my favourite), and/or you can watch Superchunk cover 100,000 Fireflies. Live. Eventually.


*That totally reminds me of this other thing, from the Guardian, in which British people are asked to give advice on where a fellow countryperson who’s moving to Canada should choose to live. Which would you choose? Have you factored in your expected proximity to screenings of interesting documentaries?

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