This Week in Lou Reed…

I live in Edmonton, so I don’t really know what the hell a ‘gastropub’ is, but thanks to the internet, I can read all about them without even paying for a copy of the magazine the article is in. Modern times – YES!

In the current issue of the New Yorker, a profile of April Bloomfield, star chef of The Spotted Pig. She doesn’t know, or care, who the hell Kobe Bryant is, and even if she did, he still couldn’t order mayonnaise on his burger. Those’re the rules for Ms. Bloomfield’s cheeseburgers: No Condiments, No Substitutions. Not for Jay-Z and Beyonce, not for anybody. Except Lou.

Only Lou Reed, a fixture in the neighborhood, is allowed to have his burger with onions, and that is owing to precedent: an awestruck employee took his order one afternoon when Bloomfield was out.

Fuck yeah! That’s my dad!


Updated a few minutes later. Hey, remember when Lou made Susan Boyle cry when he wouldn’t allow her to perform Perfect Day on TV? Well, he did give permission for her to record it, and “helped,” somehow, with the video. Nice man, eh? Fuck yeah! That’s my DAD!


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