CJSR Fundrive 2010: A Mania for Fundraising

Tomorrow on the 68Comeback Special, heard Thursday afternoons from 3-5 on the mighty CJSR-FM, our second of two shows for FUNDRIVE 2010.

Last week’s fundraising went well (one belt buckle and swag aplenty, not to mention a plethora of other prizes given away), but we want tomorrow’s show to be even better. We want to give away at least THREE belt buckles and a tonne more swag besides those. And more prize packages. Faithful listeners, benevolent donors and some of the most amazing volunteers to be found in the great city of Edmonton will be showered with praise and affection. We’ll have special guest appearances from local phenoms Falklands and Field & Stream, and extra-cute pleas for funds from Gabe and Sadie (or vice versa). And of course, there’ll be a great deal of discussion of all the things that make independent, community radio so eminently worthy of your support.

We know, we know – you can’t wait. Click on the link to CJSR up there to pledge (securely) online, or dial and donate at 780 492 2577 ext. 1 at any time you feel you’re ready.

Oh, and dig this – you’ve been listening, and while you’ve been listening, you’ve heard about the big GRAND PRIZES that we’ll hold a draw for at the end of the ‘Drive? THE SCOOTER HAS ARRIVED.


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