The wait is over, the waiting has just begun.

Agnostic, that’s me. I just don’t know enough about everything in the known universe, including those things/beings that may or may not exist outside of time and space, to be able to say with any degree of certainty that (G?)god(s) exist(s) and that we ought to be doing what we’re told along those lines.

But there is one rule in particular that is common to all religions, and the fact of its commonality is enough to make me take it way more seriously than any of the other rules about killing, eating potatoes after 7 o’clock, or even the little-known 11th commandment against leaving your bicycle parked in the driveway (which everyone agrees is just common sense anyway). That rule states that there is always to be a strict division kept between Hallowe’en and Christmas. You hear that, chain toy store who thinks they can just casually start having candy canes on the shelves on October 28? Do you understand, national retailer who thinks no one will notice or mind that, at the same time you’re marking down your spooky costumes, you’ve got stacks of artificial trees in full view at the back of the store? You guys are definitely going to hell or getting punished somehow. While I’m not ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN about that, I am relatively certain.

But I’m also pretty sure I had another point to make here somewhere…ah, yes. Now that Hallowe’en is over and done with for another year, it’s time to turn our attention to Christmas. And who or what the hell is more Christmas-y than John Cage? The answer is nobody, nobody and nothing, as long as you do the right thing and join the right Facebook group. There’s one that’s trying to make it so that Cage’s 4:33  is the number one song in the U.K. at Christmastime this year, I’ve been dying to tell somebody about it, but I’m nothing if not observant.

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