CJSR Fundrive 2010: Volunteers, Baby

How many volunteers do you think it takes to make quality independent radio?

That’s a trick question, sunshine. The answer is, ‘as many as it takes’. At CJSR, we’ve got somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200 volunteers, even though not all of them have their own radio shows or contribute to shows or even have any designs whatsoever on making any sort of on-air contribution. We’ve got library volunteers who catalog and file records and CDs and generally try and keep our record stacks in order; we’ve got volunteers who contribute solely to making sure our Board of Directors is fully stocked and conducting all the much-needed behind-the-scenes business that keeps us in the good graces of all the government agencies we have to answer to in order to keep broadcasting; we’ve got volunteers who write for Airtight, our online newsletter; we’ve got our Guerilla Laser Force who occupy tables at gigs and farmers’ markets and whatnot in order to spread the good word of CJSR; we’ve got volunteers who write and voice ads; volunteers who design the spiffy posters you see around town, advertising this fundrive and other CJSR undertakings and volunteers who now think I’m some kind of jerk for not having remembered and noted the valuable contributions they make to supporting quality independent radio. Bottom line is, we’ve got a lot of freakin’ volunteers.

I say this because, inasmuch as an annual fundrive is intended to raise money*, we’ve also got what you might call ‘ulterior motives’. The other 355 days out of the year, we’re mostly just so concerned with doing our CJSR thing that we don’t really ever think that much about patting ourselves on the back for the things we do. Fundrives give us the chance to list off all the things we do for the communities we’re a part of – the UofA community, the greater Edmonton community, the rock ‘n’ roll duty community, the community of concerned citizens who want to shine a light on news and public affairs stories that get ignored or distorted by the mainstream media, et cetera, et cetera. They also give us a chance to reach out to our listeners and say, “Hey, you like what we do? You wanna do it too? Then come on down!”

So seriously, if you like what we do and you want to do it too, come on down. Or, if you’re pretty happy with what we do and the way we do it and you just want to give out a little encouragement, drop us a line or make a phone call and say so. And if you can tie a little cash to that as well, then by all means, sisters and brothers. By all means.

*that’s 780 492-2577, extension 1, hunny bunnies, or go to cjsr.com and donate (securely) that way.

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