68Comeback: In Mourning

Goodbye to you and you and you and you, Barbara Billingsley, Tom Bosley, Ari Up, Bob Guccione. In your own ways, each of you taught us something in your lifetimes. Tom went into hiding earlier this week, but I stayed brave. This is the result:

Pal Joey  –  Last Chance for Food and Drink

the Vaselines (for Bob Guccione)  –  Ruined

Simply Saucer  –  Dance the Mutation

Skin Yard  –  Hey Bulldog

Owen Pallett  –  Scandal At the Parkade

the Mae Shi  –  Born for a Short Time

Los Lobos  –  Mas y Mas

Solex  –  The Dot on the i Between the h and the t

Boss Hog  –  White Sand

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  –  Brenda

Solex vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer  –  R is for Ring-a-Ding

Nomeansno  –  The End of All Things

Ford Pier  –  Sick of the Good Times

Tupelo Chain Sex  –  America Today

Titan  –  Sweet Dreams

Superchunk  –  Brand New Love

Suuns  –  Sweet Nothing

Belle and Sebastian  –  I Can See Your Future

the Acorn  –  I Made the Law

James Hand  –  The Truth Will Set You Free

Old 97s  –  W-I-F-E

the Arcade Fire  –  The Suburbs

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  –  Six Months in a Leaky Boat

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