When the time comes, will you make the right choice?

With one week to go before the official launch of CJSR-FM88‘s 2010 Fundrive, there’s something we here at the 68Comeback Special think you need to think about.

In seven short days, we’re going to be inundating our listeners – those who’ll admit it and those who won’t – with every reason we can imagine for why they should support campus/community radio in Edmonchuck. Nobody’s asking you to part with your hard-earned money just yet, mind you. Right now, we only need you to think. About stuff. Important, CJSR-type stuff. Like the following…

There’s a poor fellow on trial right now in Edmonton, perhaps you’ve heard about him. He’s been charged with a bit of a crime spree – taking drugs, waving a gun around, shooting said gun, other miscellaneous infractions – which he undertook, he told police detectives, at the behest of the voices he heard emanating from the radio station called The Bounce. Of course, he’s not referring to the voices coming directly from the mouths of their DJs or the music on their playlist; nothing a commercial DJ says or plays is going to be quite so substantial as that. No, he’s talking about the “voices.”

And so, when’s the last time you thought about the voices in your head? What sorts of things do they tell you to do, and more importantly, what sort of advice are they inclined to accept via the public airwaves? Are they easily influenced, or do they have a strong moral compass that resists the sort of turpitude that commercial radio stations subconsciously suggest? In either case, your choice is a simple one. If you’re easily led, then you need to support CJSR for the good influence you so require more of in your life: community involvement, speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves, Buster Friendly.

If you’re already strong and virtuous, then don’t you also want to associate with the strong and virtuous? CJSR, baby: independent music, intelligent and insightful news and public affairs programming, the 68Comeback Special.

Hold it! We know what you’re thinking, but put your wallet away…for now. Save your money, for about a week.

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