So close and yet so far.

A friend and I watched an interesting movie on Friday (we’ll call it my own Netflix free trial) called The Union: The Business of Getting High. Instead of Woody Harrelson being in it, there was Joe Rogan. And David Malmo-Levine (but NOT Daniel Richler).

I’ve heard of this ‘miracle plant’ before. It can grow just about anywhere, from the basement of every other private residence in the province of British Columbia to derelict breweries to twenty train cars buried deep beneath the ground.

If I understand correctly, the stalks of this plant be woven into very strong rope or clothing that is disproportionately expensive for its embarrassingly low level of style. But wait – there’s more! The flowers – “buds,” if you will – of this plant can be harvested as well, in order to put the chemicals contained within to work solving every single problem in the world. Well, not every problem.

From the latest GQ (Is it the latest? Can someone check for me? Or not, whatever), Wells Tower explains how, in spite of all its strengths, there is one thing that marijuana simply cannot do, which is make tolerable a job in the service industry.

P.S. That’s a different issue of GQ than the one with the interview with Steve Albini, but consider this your one-stop shop, yo.

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