Sound advice on the 68Comeback tip

Imagine that it’s 3 o’clock this afternoon, and you’re sitting at home. Or at work. Or in a car someplace. Or at the bottom of a mine shaft. Or at a friend’s house. Or you’ve broken into an enemy’s house and you’re just about to shortsheet the bed and rifle through their belongings for cash, interesting pharmaceuticals and/or easily pawned electronics. In any case, you’ve decided that a little radio listening would be nice while you do what you’re doing. Well friend, you’re absolutely right about that, a little radio listening is nice, and seeing as it’s 3 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon, what’s even nicer is, it’s time for the 68 Comeback Special on CJSR-FM88!

Coming up this afternoon, an “in-depth” discussion* of this article from Vice Magazine, about how philosophers think they’re so smart, but if they don’t like music, they’re not, as evidenced by the guy who wrote this article for Vice Magazine, who nearly lost everything, including his mind, when he did the very not-smart thing of trying to go entirely without music for two weeks. Special bonus for clicking the first Vice link: illustrations of philosophers by Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes/the Obits’ Rick Froberg.

Also: 75% chance of At the Drive-In getting played; 87% chance of 3 or more public service announcements being read; 99.99% chance of Gabe giving a Grade 4 Report; 100% chance of behind-the-scenes pop and chips.

NOT coming up this afternoon, any mention whatsoever of Lady Gaga, who we are all in constant danger of overthinking. We’re leaving that sort of talk to the experts.

Oh, and by the way – all that illegal stuff we mentioned earlier? This is the 68Comeback Special telling you that you really shouldn’t, but if you do it anyway, you should save some of the money. Fundrive’s coming.

*Or possibly no discussion. After all, if writing about music is like dancing about architecture, then what does that make talking about writing about music?

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