A reasonable facsimile thereof

This was the October 14, 2010 68Comeback Special radio show, not counting the talking, or the ads, or the psa’s, or the music.

Tom Ze  –  Mulher Navio Negreiro

Lauzier/Perkin/Kuster  –  Illegalite

Cephalic Carnage  –  Warbots A.M.

the Meices  –  Alex Put Something in His Pocket

Ladyhawk  –  I Don’t Always Know What You’re Thinking

At the Drive-In  –  Rolodex Propaganda

Obits  –  Fake Kinkade

Bruce Haack  –  National Anthem to the Moon

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan  –  Time of the Season

Elliott Smith  –  Independence Day

Random Recipe  –  I Don’t Want to Want You

Zola Jesus  –  Manifest Destiny

the Mekons  –  I’m So Happy

Matthew Sweet/Susannah Hoffs  –  All the Young Dudes

Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom  –  Motion 82

Mark Haney – A Touchy Situation

Falklands- Earthquake

DVAS – Telegraph

Black Mountain – Old Fangs

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Dirty Old Town

Gang Crimes – Politicking

Mermaids – Whirlpool

Plumtree  –  Scott Pilgrim

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