Tune in tomorrow when…

T’morrow on the 68 Comeback Special Variety Hour-which-is-actually-two, heard Thursday afternoons on CJSR-FM88 from 3-5pm, to the best of my knowledge at this moment, we haven’t any special guests scheduled per se, but does that mean the show won’t be special? Hells no!

First off, Tom’s back! On the heels of a successful campaign that saw him address the European Parliament, receive the Nobel Prize in economics for his groundbreaking work on bass procurement subsidies, headline a sold-out show at Wembley Stadium and steal Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, he’s back where he belongs, exemplifying for all concerned what it truly means to be a new world man.

Second off, Chad’s back, too! CJSR’s Music Director and current keeper of The Magic ‘Stache was in New York City (NEW YORK CITY?!?), where he saw Pavement, singlehandedly foiled a terrorist plot to paint Times Square an off-putting shade of ochre, and then, with sleight of hand that is the envy of 14-year old shoplifters the world over, replaced the Statue of Liberty with an exact replica made of papier mache. Whether or not we’re actually forced to call him to the booth with some stupid trumped-up emergency, it’s just comforting to know he’s nearby.

You’re doing the right thing if you’re making plans to tune in, but if we might make one additional suggestion as you near completion of your preparations, you should probably also check out the new, Anti-Music issue of Vice Magazine.

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