Screw you: Vegas, Matador Records, anyone going there, for that.

Yes, it’s just that I’m just jealous that all many several of my friends are already down there, in Brandon “Feathers” Flowers’ hometown, soaking up the heat and general freakin’ bizarreness of the place in order to take place in the Matador Records 21st Birthday rock ‘n’ roll bacchanal, that I write this.

But even if I wasn’t jealous, those people would still be idiots for going to Las Vegas for all that ‘fun’ as they call it, because the real action is 2784km to the east, and her name is Miranda July. Not that I’m going there, for that, either.

So screw you Las Vegas, Matador Records, Sonic Youth et al and Zelda, Dr. Dave and whomever else thinks they’re so freakin’ great just because they don’t have kids and therefore have time and disposable income. Screw YOU. And let’s just wait and see if Matador Records or frickin’ Britt Daniel comes to visit you in the old folks’ home, when you’re old.

    • Dr. Dave
    • October 1st, 2010

    Re : visits in the old folks homes

    That is why I have a niece and nephew.

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