University of 68Comeback Fall 2010 Reading List

There’s no longer any sense in denying it. School is underway once again. Here at University of 68Comeback, we take great institutional pride in the ongoing marginal superiority of our curriculum to that of Whatsamatta U, and this year, we plan on maintaining that great tradition, most notably in our fundraising communications with alumni, but other areas as well.

So yeah, the reading list for today’s discussion comes a little late. Complain if you want to Dean Tom, but in that case, you had best be prepared to listen to some portion of his Treatise On the Historical Antecedents and Post-Modernity’s Effects on Rock and Roll Being a Vicious Game, and then get the frickin’ course readings done anyway, because that’s not only the way the ball bounces, but also how the cookie crumbles here at University of 68 Comeback, formerly known as the School of Hard Knocks.

For today’s class, be prepared to discuss Edward Van Halen’s guitar heroics, especially in the context of Johannes Voelz’s description of acceleration as a fundamental feature of modern culture in A Matter of Style – Charlie Parker and Jack Kerouac: Between Coolness and Ecstacy, from the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies. For the keeners: bonus marks will be on offer to anyone who can casually namecheck an album featuring anyone mentioned in Rick Moody’s latest. The more casual the namecheck, the better.

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