Got that?

On the 16th day of September, 2010, this is how it went on the 68 Comeback Special. Deal?

King Sunny Ade & His African Beats  –  Ase

Apostle of Hustle w/ the Huskys  –  24 Robbers

Arcade Fire  –  Rococo

T-Model Ford  –  She Asked Me So I Told Her

Marnie Stern  –  The Devil is in the Details

Helmet  –  Sam Hell

Minotaurs  –  Crystal Cave

Lord Tang  –  I Heard it Through the Tang

Teen Sleuth  –  That Humanoid is Haunted

The Joe w/ Mitchmatic  –  No Friends

Daniel Johnston  –  True Love Will Find You in the End

Cowlick  –  Thunder vs. Lightning

Squirrel Bait  –  Tape from California

Meisha and the Spanks – Mean Face

Jukebox the Ghost – Schizophrenia

Travis Bretzer – Goodbye

No Problem – Gimme Reasons

Type Monkey Type – Full On Neon

Falklands – Drunks & Thieves

Aenaon – Extradimensional Wall

Begrime Exemious – Morbid Invocation

Provincial Archive – Weight and Sea

Jacob Isam – Dude You Have No Koran

Sajia Sultana – I Will Steal Your Heart

Eels – Baby Loves Me

Ultra Mega – The Rise and the Fall

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