Did I have the best dream ever last night? Cons: all of my ‘friends’ in the dream were people that I did not know at all, not even your fairly standard thing where strangers stand in for people I know. Thematically speaking, not all that much happened. They all seemed pretty bagged after what appeared to be a terribly busy day at the Safeway deli where they all worked, and later, I placed about tenth in a contest where the big prize was a new haircut.

Pros: twice (TWICE!), in the bar where all my non-friends and I hung out, I got free plays on the jukebox. Both times, I played R-Rated Movie by Pissed Jeans, and not only was it not some bizarre dream stand-in for my choice, but I got to hear it from start to finish. TWO TIMES!


*from the Urban Dictionary online, “The term for a song being stuck in one’s head.”

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