15, er, 20 albums

A couple of friends have recently tagged me on Facebook with a chain letter or sorts, with requests for a list of 15 records. One changed the rules to make it 20 albums and that’s what I’ll go with. It’s not supposed to be a ‘desert island’ list exactly, though some of these would probably make it to that theoretical desert island with me. It’s supposed to be a list made quickly, like a brainstorm as opposed to a carefully considered, and therefore subject to all sorts of ego-interference, of the 15 (20!) albums that have so knocked me flat for one reason or another and then lodged themselves in my heart in my lifetime, that if someone were to ask me to make a quick list of the 15 (20!) albums that have so knocked me flat for one reason or another and then lodged themselves in my heart in my lifetime, they would be the ones that came (fairly) immediately to mind.

The following is my list. I was originally going to do it as a note on Facebook like they did and then ‘tag’ other people, as per the ‘rules’ of the game, but then I realized that not only do I not know how to tag people on Facebook, I’ve got a perfectly good blog to do that on, instead of fuggin’ Facebook, which bugs me a little more each day but/and where the blog gets posted to anyway.

In the moments in between the writing and the posting, I read it over and think about how unfair it is that other albums have somehow not made this list, but for which I’m unwilling to trade any of these. I should almost make a second – no, make that a parallel – list, with the other albums that I’d also like on the original list of 15 (20!), which can’t quite get on because of the difficult nature of numbers. And lists. And memories. And hearts. So, sorry about that, Carole King, Coltrane, Cows and others, but look on the bright side: in at least one other existence, occurring at this exact same moment, I’m choosing you instead.

1. Afghan Whigs  –  Up In It

2. the Replacements  –  Let It Be

3. Husker Du  –  Zen Arcade

4. Lou Reed  –  New York

5. Pavement  –  Slanted and Enchanted

6. Matthew Shipp Quartet  –  The Multiplication Table

7. Bad Livers  –  Delusions of Banjer

8. Liz Phair  –  Exile in Guyville

9. Uncle Tupelo  –  Anodyne

10. the Replacements  –  Tim

11. Husker Du  –  Candy Apple Grey

12. Bettie Serveert  –  Palomine

13. REM  –  Lifes Rich Pageant

14. Beastie Boys  –  Paul’s Boutique

15. Wilco  –  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

16. William Parker/In Order to Survive  –  Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy

17. Squirrel Bait  –  Skag Heaven

18. Jerk With a Bomb  –  The Old Noise

19. Lou Reed  –  New Sensations

20. Joe Henry  –  Short Man’s

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