Think big. No, bigger than that.

I get around this town. Maybe not as much as Tom, but still, I get around. And, if there’s one thing I’m practically guaranteed to see in my travels every time I leave the safety of my home, it’s at least two iterations of the ‘listen’ tag, where some little monster has drawn some half-assed crow or generic bird or something and written “listen” next to it.

I don’t really know what that guy’s getting at exactly – yeah, I think it’s a guy who draws them; it’s too hard to imagine a girl wasting her time like that (sorry if I’m mistaken) – but I do know this: if ‘listen’ dude were capable of putting something a little more like this…

or this…

…on the vertical surfaces of this city, I would be more capable of taking his advice. Whatever that advice happens to be getting at.

Please, God, I never bother you with anything but the occasional prayer of convenience like this – can’t you listen to me just this once and make these Broken Crow fellows move to Edmonton?

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