The Chips I Just Ate II

Sitting right there, on a display shelf, in a store where I go to get groceries: It’s Doritos’ new Late Night/Nuit Blanche menu. This is ‘All nighter cheeseburger’. They say, “The night is calling. Satisfy your craving with a new Doritos experience.”

Not to be too dramatic about it, but there is a moment just before every first-time experience that, following the experience, will go down in your memory as your last one before losing a particular kind of innocence. It may not mean much to you at the time, but will grow in stature as your life goes on. You get my drift?

Before the fall: They probably needn’t have bothered. I eat chips regularly, and I go to Doritos often enough. Then again, I’m also a sucker for new “flavours”; perhaps back pats are due for what effort they make to maintain my interest.

First chip: I’m not sure that tastes anything at all like a cheeseburger.

Second chip: Ah, there it is, a little bit. The cheesy approximation shouldn’t be anything they have much trouble with by now, so big whoop about that, but we’ve got a flame-broiled thing going here, maybe with some relish, too.

About six chips in, it seems, if I really concentrate, these really do sort of taste like a cheeseburger.

After fifteen to twenty chips: I’m actually pretty glad that cheeseburgers don’t taste like this.

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