Blogging the Commercial I Just Watched: Capital X

Blogging the Commercial I Just Watched – Capital Ex

I wasn’t paying close attention because I was trying very hard to concentrate on something else at the time, but basically, while eating supper with his girlfriend’s family, a guy finds a baseball. He throws it at a display cabinet with plates in it, breaking several; he and his girlfriend cheer, and possibly embrace. Cut to the shot of the Capital X midway, and then the logo. I’d post it, but while Capital X has a Youtube channel, it hasn’t occurred to them to put their television ads there.

It’s not like it hasn’t crossed my mind while eating dinner with girlfriends’ families that a little mayhem occurring right there in their living rooms, in the vicinity of the good china, would be just the thing to liven up those people’s existences. There’s a corresponding ad in which a guy gets into an elevator with others and alarms them when he throws his arms in the air and starts screaming like he’s on a roller coaster. Again, I see the upside of such an act, but I always thought it wasn’t the right thing to do.

But that was a Klondike Days approach to manners, and we all know what living in the past got Klondike Days. This is Capital X saying, “Things are different now. These are modern times. We casually demolish treasured possessions; we run roughshod over accepted social mores with our idiotic obsessions. We stick a knife right in tradition’s gut and twist*.”

I haven’t seen that last one yet, but I hear it’s worth it.

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