Done, and done.

The July 15, 2010 68Comeback Special show went down, as scheduled and basically according to plan. See for yourself.

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane  –  In a Sentimental Mood

The Fugs  –  Nothing

Jain Vain and the Dark Matter  –  We Are See Through

Phosphorescent  –  Heaven, Sittin’ Down

The Besnard Lakes  –  Devastation

Glory Glory Man United  –  The First Monkey Shot Into Space

Tom Vek  –  That Can Be Arranged

Laurie Anderson  –  Strange Perfumes

Dietsche V & the Abominable Snowman  –  Ambient Room

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse w/ Frank Black  –  Angel’s Harp

Grand Mal  –  Guitars Strum in Dejection

Cool World – Gaydream Nation

Scruffy the Cat – Blue Russian

Six Finger Satellite – The Greatest Hit

Sean Nicholas Savage – Crazy People

City Streets – Glory Nights

Ratatat – Drugs

Holy Fuck – Latin America

Messiahlator – Self Loathing Corpse

Red Allen – Are You Afraid to Die

Pop Winds – Met Some New Colours

Famines – Got Lies if you Want Them

  1. do u have a twitter

      • 68comeback
      • August 3rd, 2010

      Sorry, no. The spam filter says you’re spam. Are you?

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