I’m sorry, how did that go again?

It went from the start at 3 o’clock, right through to the finish at 5, pausing for no one, until the task was completed.

Ravi Harris and the Prophets  –  Hot Pants Road

Boats  –  Haircuts for Everybody

Yacht  –  the Afterlife

Pigeon Hole  –  Jercules

Gramercy Riffs  –  Oh Linda!

the Poppy Family  –  Which Way You Goin’, Billy?

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Crazy With Loneliness

Superchunk  –  Martinis On the Roof

Kings Go Forth  –  One Day

The Fall  –  Victoria

Cancer Bats  –  Black Metal Bicycle

Tarantuja  –  Constant Reminder

The City Streets – Almost Forgot Your Face

Ratatat – We Can’t Be Stopped

Fred Eaglesmith – Sliver of the Moon

Jom Comyn – New Years For Norbert V Baloney

Whitsundays – I’m Starting To Bend

Grimes – Feyd Ruatha Dark Heart

Wolf Parade – Cloud Shadows on the Mountain

Pack AD – Everyone Looks Like Everyone

Spastic Panthers – I’m Gonna Punch You in the Dink

Buck 65/Sook Yin Lee/Adam Litovitz – What’s Wrong With That?

Caribou – Found Out

Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden – For All We Know

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