There *is* a cure for the Summertime Blues

It’s called The Outsiders Are Back* and it arrives courtesy of Milwaukee WI’s Kings Go Forth, and if you’ve already got the Summertime Blues this early in the season then jeeeeeeez, maaaaan, but before you call your shrink, you should still get this first.

I know there are lots of people – I know some of them, though I won’t name them because I’m not sure if their families know about this stuff – who do things like give Justin Bieber really sympathetic listens and then compliment his singing to other people or talk themselves into believing that the soul artists of today have something valuable to offer, then lie awake as they cry silently and pray desperate little prayers for the prophesied return of Curtis Mayfield. It’s all they want in the whole world, but they dare not wish for such a thing out in the light of day, in front of everyone. I wonder, now that their prayers have been answered, what will they do with those left over?

If all there was to recommend it was the opening 30 seconds of “One Day,” beginning with the scratchy drum fill, moving right into the blast of horns and guitar riff that sketch out its main thrust, and then the whole thing degenerated into a concert for dogs or Lou Reed’s second or third rebirth as an aaahtist, then no, I wouldn’t be quite so excited about this album. But yes, I would probably still be heard, decades from now, speaking fondly of that half-minute stretch.

Don’t fret, don’t frown. There’s lots to recommend. It’s only after thirty seconds that the vocals kick in. It’ll be like the clouds open up and the sun begins to beam down on you, at the same time that a sun a thousand times larger and hotter explodes outward from your core. Artwork by Mingering Mike.

*This’ll take you to their spot on the Luaka Bop homepage, where you can preview the entire album, while this one will take you to the tour dates that show them in Toronto and Ottawa later this week. Just thought I’d point that out in case Winters was interested, dancing machine like he freakin’ is.

  1. July 9th, 2010

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