In any case, the line forms on the right.

Well, though he does suggest that it may be premature (if not outright needless) to do so, considering the bureaucratic effort that will eventually be required in order to sift through all the nominees, toward naming exactly one of them best song of the millennium, Rick Moody has probably done the right thing by submitting his own choice early(-ish. We are fully a decade in already, after all). I don’t want to name it here because then you won’t click on the link and read the beautiful essay he wrote about it, which I really want you to do.

Are you gonna nominate a song? I thought I was going to, but now I’m not sure. On the one hand, it does seem kind of early, but on the other, I’m not going to live anywhere close to seeing the end of this millennium anyway, unless I’m immortal which I sure hope I’m not because while I can’t even begin to imagine them, I can just imagine all the blips and bloops that’ll pass for music when I’m nine-hundred years old.

Also, I thought my nomination was going to be more along the lines of a ‘shouting out song titles, practically at random, and seeing if anybody else latched onto one so we could sort of ride whatever wave came of it’ thing. But this Moody guy, he really gave his some thought, and now he’s got Jolie Holland herself in his comments section. Perhaps a tactical reassessment is in order.

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