Everything is different, now that summer’s here.

You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s 68Comeback Special show, 1500 to 1700 on CJSRFM, especially now that things are different.

Last week, it was Spring. Spring’s alright, it’s filled with hope and geese and people stop wearing all their heavy winter clothes and stuff, so yeah, Spring? Sure, whatever.

But this is Summer! In Edmonton, that means we’ve got exactly three months to do everything we possibly can to make ourselves good and sick of all those things for another year. There’s graduating from high school to do! Struttin’ down the avenue with hardly any clothes on, sendin’ out phermone mash notes to anybody with a nose! Riding bikes! Driving around in cars with the windows down and blasting music the pedestrians hate as you go, and lots of stuff that doesn’t involve a lot of  doing, like barbecues and picnics and all other kinds of hanging out and overindulging! Yeah!

Get it? It’s a whole new season. You’ll need a new wardrobe, new attitude and a nice new summertime playlist. We can help with the playlist. We are the 68Comeback Special.

Also, check out the cover of the new Black Mountain record.

Like, holy shit, eh?

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