Looking Backward, Moving Forward

You wonder how it went exactly? This is how it went, EXACTLY*!

Andy Prieboy  –  L.A. Artist (Jazz Crowd)

the Primrods  –  Real Cuban Fire

Husker Du  –  Celebrated Summer

Rape Revenge  –  Car Ride With a Vivisection Intern

City Streets – Young Runs Out

The Fall – Hot Cake

La Luna de Santiago  –  La Flor

Silly Kissers  –  Treat Me Like You Do

Randall Spears  –  Where I Want to Be (Live In-Studio) Dude came in, put up with our nonsense, was able to pinpoint the good in both Justin Bieber and Hank Rollins, two thoroughly reprehensible human beings**. It was so touching, Tom went out last night and got religion. We truly were not expecting that. Randall’s playing at Cafe Da Bar tomorrow night, also known as Friday, June 18, 2010, but it’s only for you if you’re not afraid of attaining genuine, momentous change for your life.

Randall Spears  –  Rise Above

Les Georges Leningrad  –  La Chienne

the Black Keys  –  Sinister Kid

Low  –  When I Go Deaf     First installment of a 6-week feature entitled, Let’s Welcome Neil Young to Edmonton Without Once Playing a Neil Young Song to Do So, in honour of his July 23 gig at the Jube, the day after Steve Albini’s birthday.

When I go deaf
I won’t even mind
I’ll be all right
I’ll be just fine

I’ll stay out all night
Looking at the sky
I’ll still have my sight
Yeah, I’ll still have my eyes

And, we will make love
We won’t have to fight
We won’t have to speak
And we won’t have to lie

And, I’ll stop writing songs
Stop scratching out lines
I won’t have to think
And it won’t have to rhyme

When I go deaf
When I go deaf
When I go deaf
When I go deaf

Boats  –  Summer Camp vs. the Fake Moustache Tree

T-Bone Burnette  –  the Monkey Dance

Ty Segall – Face Face

the Joe  –  Canadiana

the Budos Band  –  Budos Theme

Ruben Gonzalez  –  Cumbanchero

Black Mountain  –  No Satisfaction

*Not exactly as shown. Carolyn Mark got played, but she didn’t pay a visit like she said she *maybe* would. One way or another, the track didn’t get entered here, and I, still feeling petulant about maybe getting stood up, only feel like *maybe* fixing the problem.

**Kidding! Please don’t beat me up, Mr. Bieber!

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