Blogging the commercial I just watched: Ally

The kid is sitting on the floor, the man stands by an ice cream cart with music playing. “Can I have some ice cream please?” asks the kid.

“No. It’s just for new people.” Says the man.

Pretty soon a new kid gallops into the room, and the man cheerily offers the new kid a choice from among chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. The new kid chooses chocolate, happily receives his cone and sits down and starts eating it.

First kid: “I’m new, too.”

The man waggles his head a little. “He’s new-ER.”

And so, another child learns a bitter lesson about how shitty and unfair the world is, mostly because of grownups. In other commercials for the advertiser in question, a boy gets to play with a fantastic toy truck for all of half a second before the man takes it away, one girl gets a toy pony while another girl gets a real one, and another girl gets to ride a bike, but only in a square that’s barely big enough for the bike to fit into.

How do I love these commercials? Let me count the ways.

The advertiser in question is Ally, a bank. The gist of the commercials are, most banks act like assholes who play favourites with their customers, beat the shit out of their savings with all kinds of fees, jerk people around with fine print bullshit and don’t even have the nuts to face up to them about it.

That they express it from a kids vs. grownups angle is positively brilliant. The dirty look the kid in the truck commercial gives the man who’s just substituted “a piece of junk” for the great truck he was playing with makes it so worth it to be a grownup.

I don’t know if Ally is any better or worse than any other bank in the world; I doubt that they’re any better because at the end of the day, banks are assholes and Ally’s a bank. But at least they’ve got funny commercials.

I didn’t think it was possibly to love these commercials any more than I already did, but then I found this, and I think I may now love them more than anything, ever. Well, maybe not Metal Machine Music, but that’s truly an exceptional case.

    • todd
    • June 15th, 2010

    Ally is a bank run by Mormons and is HQ’d in Utah. Which, to my mind, makes them a *special kind* of asshole bank.

      • 68comeback
      • June 15th, 2010

      Really? I thought that guy looked pretty clean cut, even for a banker. Wow.
      I know it’s an agency that creates the commercials and all, but who woulda thought Mormons had it in ’em to approve of anything this enjoyable?

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