“I’m sorry if there’s been any confusion.”

What’s anyone to do about a fellow like Rahim Jaffer, eh?

This isn’t usually a blog for politics and we wouldn’t want it to be one that’s usually about politics, either. But on the other hand, this man used to be my neighbour, figuratively speaking, and he used to represent me in Parliament.

There he was in front of a Parliamentary committee yesterday, STEALING MY EPITAPH.

The 68 Comeback Special will most certainly have a set prepared to dedicate to Mr. Jaffer and the trouble he goes to for us, you should tune in and hear the lot of it today from 3 to 5pm on CJSR.

But for now…

  1. I love you, buddy.

      • 68comeback
      • April 22nd, 2010

      I love you, too, especially for commenting here instead of on goddamn motherfucking fb.

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