Is That All There Is To a Radio Show?

‘Cause if that’s all there is, dear listeners to the April 15, 2010 68 Comeback Special, then let’s keep dancing…

Tortoise  –  It’s All Around You

5ive Style –  Playful Sounds for Hostile Grounds (Reprise)

Shrimp Boat –  I Swear, Happy Days Are Mine

Snailhouse –  The Medicine Makes My Heart Beat a Little Faster

Deja Voodoo –  Vegetables

Swanton Bombs –  Crowbar

Ruth Purves Smith and the 581 –  Godzilla

Spoon  –  I Saw the Light

Archie Bronson Outfit –  Magnetic Warrior

Sudden Cosmic Dissolution –  Sudden Cosmic Dissolution Part 3

Aiden Moffat and the Best-Ofs –  Oh Men!

Shortstack –  Sun All Around Me

Thenradio  –  Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff

Plants and Animals – Kon Tiki

Red Ram –  Slip Away

Red Ram  –  Leavin’ Town Today

Eric Dolphy –  Out to Lunch

Timber Timbre  –  Lay Down in the Tall Grass

The Jessica Stuart Few –  (Don’t Live Just for the) Weekend

Galactic featuring Walter “Wolfman” Washington –  Speaks His Mind

Pavement – Slowly Typed

Cristina –  Is That All There Is?

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