Get the hell out of the way, it’s the hundredth post!

It is indeed the one-hundredth post on the 68 Comeback Special’s blog, and do you know what that means? You bet – a list of songs we played on the radio today.

P.S., just before the list: If you tuned in today, you already know that we kind of inadvertently lied when we promised Roller Derby Queens AND Greg MacPherson on the same show. We beg your pardon one hundred and twenty times. Mr. MacP will come in, as far as we can tell today, next week.

And if you didn’t tune in today – you’ll try harder next week, won’t you?

Bill Hetherington and the Asian Tigers –  Anytime Anywhere Anything

Kite Operations –  Beyonce

Old Wives –  Teen Commandments

Muhammad Ashraf/Nahid Akhtar  –  Good News for You

Big Black  –  He’s a Whore

Jim Croce  –  Roller Derby Queen

Ford Pier –  Sick of the Good Times

Count Basie Orchestra –  Blame it On My Youth

Elizabeth Shepherd –  Heavy Falls the Night

Kids on TV –  vague muttered complaint about a lack of track names on the package. I didn’t witness said lack for myself, but I have no cause to doubt his word, either.

Shayna & the Bulldog –  Patricia

Vic Chesnutt –  Unpacking My Suitcase

Hellsongs –  Thunderstruck

jj –  No Escapin’ This

Martin Kippenberger –  Ja, Ja, Ja, Nee, Nee, Nee

Githead –  All Set Up

Swanton Bombs –  Who’s Asking?

Gigi –  I’m Not Coming Out Tonight

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists –  Even Heroes Have to Die

Greg MacPherson –  Smoke Ring

Zeus –  At the Risk of Repeating

Mullet n’ Steps –  Hard Way

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