I am not a curmudgeon!

Now, Theodor Adorno – THAT guy was a curmudgeon.

Apparently, sixty-five year-old philosopher, American Enterprise Institute’s resident scholar and classic rock aficionado Roger Scruton recently had occasion to hear Crystal Castles and Meshuggah. It can not be said that he approved.

Remember when you were young and your parents hated your music and took every opportunity to yell at you to ‘turn that crap off!’ and it totally wasn’t fair and it was just because they were old and they didn’t fucking get it? Yeah well, consider yourself lucky – they could have been the sorts to ambush you at the dinner table with a 13 page treatise (and subsequent family discussion, no doubt) on the moral significance of pop music.

    • sam
    • March 22nd, 2010

    How do you not like Meshuggah?

      • 68comeback
      • March 23rd, 2010

      He says they violate Friedrich Schiller’s laws of gentility: largely a consideration of the difference between doing something *with* someone, as opposed to doing it *to* or *at* them.
      Also, he believes they make their fans dance like spastics.

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