Truth in Advertising?

Have you seen them? They’re big billboards – I’ve seen a couple of them around town so far, advertising K-97‘s morning show combo. They look like big “Hello, my name is…” badges, with…er…comedic (?) names in the space. So far I’ve seen Richard Smoker and Stew Pidaso. Ha ha. Get it? Then, across the bottom of the billboard, it says something about the person in question liking the show being advertised on the billboard.

So yeah, pure comic genius, right out there in the open where everybody can see it. This would appear to be an example of how sometimes, in the drive to implement a clever ad campaign that’ll get people talking about whatever is being advertised, what critical faculties the decision-makers have get ignored or discarded outright.

Congratulations, K-97, you’ve just identified your target audience as people who self-identify as stupid, cocksucking assholes. I suppose you must have considered that before you placed your order – you’re the professionals, after all – but did you?

Am I complaining? Not at all. Who could quibble with the suggestion that, statistically speaking, in a listening audience of thousands, a certain number of dick smokers and stupid assholes are to be found, and if this is what those people are, then who’s to say they shouldn’t be these things proudly?

I am, in fact, wondering if there are other billboards that I haven’t seen yet, like maybe K. Nob Gobbler or Lee Kee Bum. I’m hoping and praying, quite actively, that there are many, many more. Please feel free to join in. The prayer goes like this: Oh God, I never ask you for anything at all! Please, please, PLEEEEASE if these billboards that I’m praying about – (insert K-97 billboard idea here) – don’t already exist, could you pleeeeease make it so they do? I promise I’ll be soooo good if you do! Amen.

April 5, 2010 update. They’ve got a Ben Dover billboard, too. Huzzah.

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