The Bachelor: Can’t Stop (Won’t Stop?)

The finale might have been last week, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop talking about the Bachelor, does it?

Via the Millions, a thoughtful dialogue between a married couple about the crap they watch together on TV, except they watch it via Hulu, which makes me jealous.

    • sam
    • March 8th, 2010

    I think your next tv adventure should be The Real Housewives series. It is amazing. And you have several to choose from – Atlanta, Orange County, New York, so much fun!

      • 68comeback
      • March 10th, 2010

      Ummmm, to be honest, I fear the Housewives, or to be more precise, I fear what might happen if I started to make a concerted effort to watch them instead of just occasionally being appalled by them completely by surprise. I think I’ll continue to blog the commercials I just watched and maybe, so long as I’m wasting my time on it every week anyway, I should start blogging Monday Night Raw.

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