Is yesterday over already?

How the time flies. Here’s what we played on the 68 Comeback Special Olde Tyme Raddio Showe, on March 4, 2010.

Baroness  –  Swollen and Halo

Los Campesinos  –  We’ve Got Your Back

Prolapse  –  Killing the Bland

Gobble Gobble  –  Skin of the Prophets

Ghostkeeper  –  By Morning

The Sheepdogs  –  I Don’t Know

A History of  –  Munitions Ships

Willie Nelson  –  I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

Todor Kobakov  –  Bitter Sweet Confusion

Derrick Harriott  –  Do I Worry

Rosie Flores & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts  –  Girl of the Century

The Whitefield Brothers (with Percee P)  –  Reverse

Greg MacPherson  –  Mr. Invitation

Brazilian Money1994

Old Man Luedecke – Woe Betide the Doer of the Deed

Falklands – Ueno

Doug Hoyer – Emma

NATL – Writhes Beneath

Aiden Knight – Fighting Against Your Lungs

Slates  –  Coffin Ships

Red Mass  –  Party ’til I Die

Devon Sproule  –  Julie

Ernesto Cervini Quartet  –  Mia Figlio

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