Wilco (the blog post about the live show)

File this under: examples of things you might have a chance to think about if you haven’t already committed your brain to Monday evening television.

I was sitting in the first balcony with my wife and her sister at the Jube on Monday night instead of parked on the couch, quite thoroughly enjoying the Wilco experience (again), when I was struck by a memory from my youth. I’m not totally positive, but I think it was from the original Battlestar Galactica, wherein during one of the episodes, the characters find themselves at some kind of a concert. Of course they are in space, in the future, and so the band that’s playing is required by the network television standards of the time to look like a bunch of nobs, vaguely mimicking Ace Frehley, only nobbier, with ‘spacey, futuristic’ outfits of some kind of shiny synthetic with silver trim, all playing ‘spacey, futuristic’ music – a kind of wanky, vocal and melody-free spooze that you can easily imagine a spacey, futuristic Steve Vai would make, except on ‘spacey, futuristic’ instruments (think toy guitars with frets that light up that you play instead of strings). I remember thinking at the time, “This isn’t the music of ANYONE’s future.”

I’m am definitely not making any sort of case for me being especially clairvoyant or preternaturally tasteful in my childhood. I was, after all, watching the original Battlestar Galactica (yeah yeah, ‘allegedly’), not yet at a point in my personal relationship with rock where I could admit to myself that KISS looked like a bunch of fuggin’ tools, I still sometimes listened to my mom’s Neil Sedaka albums (if you tell anyone, I will kill you) and Supertramp was just over the horizon.

But I was right.

P.S. Califone opened the evening, and their entire set was made up of Red Red Meat songs. Just kidding, but all the same, too many people missed them due to some kind of problem they’ve got with foot-draggin’. That’s their loss, though, and they’ll have to live with an empty space in their hearts for the rest of their days.

  1. February 19th, 2010

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