The Excitement is Building…

Very exciting times ahead, 68 Comeback Special fans!

Over the years, we’ve seen support for this feature build and build, to the point where it’s now the object of speculation for weeks and months in advance of its release date. Let us tell you, it’s terribly exciting for us to have been in on this one from day one. Historians of the show will note that the feature was a highly controversial one when it was originally proposed, usually in the same sentence as they refer to Tom’s and my extreme bravery and dedication in seeing it through to broadcast in its earliest years. It’s easier now, now that its popularity is undisputed, but contrary to what others may or may not have said, there is not even one minute that we have ever spent regretting our decision to move forward with this feature, and on this, its Severalth Anniversary, we are pleased to say that this feature is at least as relevant as it’s ever been.

The feature to which we refer is broadcast once a year, on the first 68 Comeback Special show of the month of February. It is the announcement of our choice for the year of the Former UK Punks That We’re Going to Get Behind. Previous recipients of our attention via this feature include Wire, Gang of Four, Stiff Little Fingers, the Buzzcocks and others who don’t come as easily to mind (but of course, NOT EVER anything featuring the traitorous Feargal Sharkey), and during their reigns, these artists frequently saw their airplay on the 68 Comeback Special increase by as many as 5 or 6 spins. A suitable honour for their years of artistry and inspiration, wouldn’t you agree?

You’ll be more amazed than ever before with the insight and wisdom of this year’s choice. You’ve been reading the rumours and speculation from all over the blogosphere for weeks now. Tune into the 68 Comeback Special, from 3 to 5 pm on CJSR-FM88.5 tomorrow to find out for real!

Update:  Ivor Cutler iz tha man ov tha year, bitchezzzzzz!

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