You played that? On the radio?

Yeah, boooooyz! It’s a list of all the songs that we played on the 68 Comeback Special on the afternoon of January 28, 2010!

Muskox –  Humphries Tide

Fortunately Everything Dies –  Girls Heart Noisecore

Sean Nicholas Savage –  Kisses Like a Girl

Ultra Mega  –  Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Mastrzofthayoonavrce –  Elbee

Lou Barlow –  The Right

the Parkas –  Goodnight, Nemesis

Iron Age –  Dispossessed

Alice Russell –  Living the Life of a Dreamer (Mr. Scruff remix)

Great Lake Swimmers –  Song Sung Blue

Isotope 217 –  Kryptonite Smokes the Red Line

Turbo Fruits –  Lotta Lotta Ladies

They Might Be Giants  –  I Am Not Your Broom

TV on the Radio (with Zeitkratzer)  –  Golden Age (Metal Machine Music helps out!)

Hank Mobley  –  Dig Dis

Lord Panama and the Stickers –  Fire Down Below

Manitoba  –  Crayon

Hard Drugs –  Bad Ideas (Don’t Give Up)

Sun Wizard –  In the Morning

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