An Excruciatingly Lovely Idea

The closest I’ve ever come to reading one of Rick Moody’s novels came via watching The Ice Storm, but I had the opportunity recently to read an essay he wrote about the Danielson Famile and even more recently found a wicked-ass blog (w-ab) he writes about music-stuff.

If it’s never come up before (it has), I love and admire Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music (I really do). Do you know this album? It’s a double album of Lou, his guitar and a process that loops and loops all the guitar squall he can muster. For over an hour. It’s not so much in a listening-to-it-from-start-to-finish sort of way (though I listen to it more than I ever will The Raven) that I love it, but more in an imagine-a-room-full-of-record-company-executives-involuntarily-shitting-their-pants way. It was generally regarded as a case of career suicide at the time. So if it’s career suicide to record it in the first place, what would it be to transcribe and perform the whole thing in front of an audience? Inspired.

I am perhaps a little too delighted to have discovered, via Moody’s blog, this, a cover of MMM by European avant-garde classical ensemble Zeitkratzer. Yum!

So, if you happen to be near your radio this afternoon between 3 and 5, won’t you check in with us at the 68 Comeback Special? I don’t exactly know what else we’ll be doing yet, but you can damn well expect a special Zeitkratzer edition of our every-now-and-again feature, Metal Machine Music Helps Out. Probably at 4:20. 

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