I don’t purport to be the guy who is most on top of things. Maybe I sort of stayed abreast of the rock and roll news a little better when I was a younger man.

But shouldn’t I have known waaaay earlier than this that Tommy Stinson is in Guns n’ Roses? I’m anxious to know if Tom Murray knew anything about this.

Tune in to the 68Comeback on Thursday from 3-5, during which we will try and act like Tommy Stinson being in Guns N’ Roses is no big deal, via discussions of regular, everyday things like our plans for our Christmas and New Year’s Eve shows (hint: there’s a birthday for someone whose name starts with Burton and ends with Cummings, and we’ll be breaking up with 2009, too, but don’t tell 2009 just yet, okay?), play music, talk about the (not so) news about Tommy Stinson n’ Guns N’ Roses, play music while continuing to be rather flabbergasted about Tommy Stinson in Guns N’ Roses, read some public service announcements, make jokes about Tommy Stinson being in Guns n’ Roses, send out birthday greetings to cousins and mystery sisters, celebrate the anniversary of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army’s arrival in Manchester and then have the Haitian come in and wipe our memories clean so we no longer have to be concerned about that thing about how Tommy Stinson is in GN’R. Or anything at all. But especially that. The several stages of grieving, presented to you in radio form, courtesy of the 68 Comeback Special.

This shouldn’t be taken to suggest that knowing the bassin’ for Sweet Child o’ Mine Mr. Brownstone could ever be considered anything but a positive, but on the plus side of Tommy Stinson being in Guns N’ Roses, I find myself unexpectedly within 6 degrees of separation from Axl Rose’s swimming pool.

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