Forro in the Dark

Ladies and Gentlemen, please forgive this late addition to the agenda, but it’s been noted by certain members of the 68 Comeback Special’s Board of Directors that six months ago, the discussion and subsequent decision regarding whether to regard Forro in the Dark as “For Reals” or “They’d Seem Kind of Silly if They Were from Edmonton Instead of New York” was postponed until this week’s meeting. Please forgive the omission. The meeting agenda has been adjusted accordingly.

In order to allow for a productive, informed discussion, please take the time to review the enclosed materials.

Update October 8, 2009: The Board of Directors of the 68 Comeback Special unanimously resolve that Forro in the Dark, even if proven to be “For Reals,” shall still, in any alternative reality that specifies Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as their place of origin instead of Brooklyn New York, USA, be considered silly.

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