The Rumours Are True.

You don’t have to admit it, but we all know what you were thinking: “Damn, but I can’t wait to pledge a little bit of my hard-earned dough to CJSR-FM88’s 25th Anniversary Fun(Drive. It hardly seems fair that I have to wait until the festivities start on September 23, 2009 before I can make a pledge.”

We can tell by looking at you that you are the sort of dude/ma’am who believes that they live on an existential plane someplace above any one where arbitrary rules about when you can or can’t pledge for a funding drive apply. Dude, you are so freaking totally, exactly right about that. You do exist in just such a way, and there is not reason in this universe why you should not be able to pledge RIGHT NOW. So go do it. Break the rules. You’re scared, aren’t you? Don’t be scared.

Still need convincing before you pledge? Okay fine. Keep coming back here between now and fundrive and we’ll see what we can do.

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