Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You II

Rats. Missed the anniversary of Uncle Bobby’s passing

Um. Pardon me? You didn’t really just say you don’t know Uncle Bobby, did you? Tsk. Here you go.

As you might imagine, Bimbo the Birthday Clown had a profound effect on everyone he touched (this show is one of my earliest TV memories; that song has haunted me worse than anything Neil Sedaka ever wrote), but it was Uncle Bobby who made the show. Here’s the thing: watch the clip. The show was on every day, and every day they did the Bimbo the Birthday Clown segment. Every day they rolled out the clown with a pre-stuffed pouch full of viewer mail and went through the whole same ritual, albeit with a different special guest each day, some civilian who couldn’t possibly be expected to know what they were doing. Uncle Bobby would guide them to their marks, present, adjust and prompt them as required, all while mumbling random bonhomie-ish phrases to keep everyone at ease.

We missed Uncle Bobby’s anniversary. That’s too bad. But this is your notice for this Thursday, baby. It’s Maxim Gorky!

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