When was the last time you thought about…

Chuck Chandler?

That dude must have practically owned this town, way back when there was considerably less to own. Some are old enough to remember him from his heyday at CHED when it was the number one station among every pre-teen and tween that I knew, still others will remember him from 4 O’clock Rock, where he played lots (and lots and lots) of Corey Hart/Bryan Adams videos, interviewed local artists like Absolute Nine (featuring future Canada Research Chairs in their respective pursuits, Tim and Sean Caulfield) and was generally so completely aggravating that we didn’t watch the show as much as we spent the time imagining all manners of violent death. It was an early taste of irony for us when ‘the Chucker’ was eventually replaced by all-purpose dude Mike Sobel, who we hated even more.

Anyway, see what can happen when when you take the time to think about Chuck Chandler? And do you know something else? Chuck Chandler thinks about you, in a way.

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