That’s Edmonton For You

Check out the City of Edmonton, going all Medici on our asses. They make Cadence Weapon the city’s Poet Laureate, they commission a bunch of songs ostensibly pertaining to sustainability from Person of Note Trevor Anderson, who subsequently put his rolodex to work in the ultimate realization of the project. It’s called That’s Edmonton For You, which does not fail to elicit first a double-take, then a smirk from everyone who hears or reads the name for the first time. Interesting.

Should I list all of the contributors individually? Screw that, when you can just go see for yourself, but take my word, they’re all blue chippers. You’ll be amazed. Also, it takes me a minimum of six months to decide how I feel about any given piece of music about which I am asked, from the date I am asked, so why bother waiting for the likes of me when you can also listen for yourself.

Good ol’ Co-host Tom’s rolodex has also been put to work, and we’ve invited Trevor to come visit us on the radio show tomorrow afternoon, to explain what the deal is with this That’s Edmonton For You thing, plug the free live concert in Louise McKinney Park, this Sunday, June 14, and endure all of the fun we can make of a name like That’s Edmonton For You, which could be a lot. Will he or won’t he? The only way to find out is to tune in tomorrow from 3 to 5.

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