Comeback If You Can

On the March 14, 2019 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we found a nice little spot in between the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day, and we worked it for all it was worth.

Flin Flon – St. Patrick’s

Motherhood – Way Down

Flying Horses – Settled

Mary Lou Lord – Lights Are Changing

Culled – Scorn

Built to Spill – Three Years Ago Today

Anemone – Endless Dive

Crystal Eyes – Candy BB

Napalmpom – Guided By Volume

Real Sickies – Cool Club

Benny Andersson – Money, Money, Money

Amanda Palmer – Judy Blume

Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken

Lou-Adriane Cassidy – Ca Va Ca Va

The Costello Show – Our Little Angel

Joni Void – Abusers

Homeshake – Like Mariah

Calypso King & the Soul Investigators – Chick Beans

Only a Visitor – Technicolour Education

Croom – Low

Guided by Voices – Good Morning Sir

Cowbo Morsche – Curbin Cabooty


And You’re Rocking More Like A Comeback

On the December 6, 2018 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we tried, we really did, and sometimes things went the way we hoped, other times something different happened.

A.C. Newman  –  Secretarial

Treepeople  –  Andy Warhol

Fucked Up  –  None Of Your Business Man

Sylvan Esso  –  Coffee

Stephanie Boulay  –  Printemps

Mos Def  –  Quiet Dog Bite Hard

Avec Pas de Casque  –  Veiller Le Feu

the Cyrillic Typewriter  –  Night In Grey

Shellac  –  Dog And Pony Show

Single Mothers  –  Evidence Locker

Fist City  –  End of the Good Times

Sleater-Kinney  –  Bury Our Friends

Suuns  –  Mortise And Tenon

the Shakes  –  Scrumptious

facecrime  –  Mystery to Me

the Dice Cubes  –  Do the Apeman

Dark Times  –  Doesn’t Mean

Striker  –  Standing Alone

Mallsex  –  Eradiator

the Uncertainty Principle  –  Hup Song

Human Music  –  Ice Cream Man

Elvis Costello & the Impostors  –  Unwanted Number

Hate Drugs  – Shadow Creature


Mon Mal De Tete, Mon Point Au Comeback

On the November 29, 2018 edition of the 68Comeback Special, Tom revealed his personal plan for maintaining his extravagant lifestyle into his dotage and Craig narrowly avoided  the Les Lounges intervention the staff were planning for him. We had a serious, sober talk about truth in song titles. One phone call was taken.

Dump  –  Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi

Stéphanie Boulay  –  Ta Fille

NoMeansNo  –  Rags and Bones

El Radio Fantastique  –  We Lie

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats  –  Trying So Hard Not To Know

Les Louanges  –  Westcott

Los Campesinos  –  A Slow, Slow Death

Yoko Ono  –  Teddy Bear

Chilly Gonzales  –  Pretenderness

the Nels Cline Singers  –  Sascha’s Book of Frogs

the Stooges  –  Down On The Street

Mutoid Man  –  Reptilian Soul

Single Mothers  –  Dog Parks

.38 Special  –  Hold On Loosely

the Minotaurs  –  Stayed Too Long

Gateway Drugs  –  Faith Healer

Dark Time  –  Tangerines

the Dice Cubes  –  Long and Lanky

Young Jesus  –  Fourth Zone of Gaits

Sleep  –  Dopesmoker





Thank God I’m A Comeback Boy

Try as we might to hold on to it, the Rocktember 20, 2018 edition of the 68Comeback Special saw summer as already part of the past, the past as the past, the present as the past, and the future as Klaus.

The Postmarks  –  Summers Never Seem To Last

Fire Engine Red  –  Shank Pony

Greg Macpherson Band  –  Good Times

Le Plaisir  –  Lying In A Hole

Jimmy Smith  –  When I Grow Too Old To Dream

Smile  –  Picture Made Past

Pip Blom  –  Babies Are A Lie

Phono Pony  –  Freak Out

Will Currie & the Country French  –  John Denver Haircut

Charlotte Cornfield  –  All Of The Pretty Mistakes

Panther  –  Worn Moments

Toronto Tabla Ensemble  –  Face Off

Klaus  –  Bad Religion

Delta Blip  –  Speak Listen Decay

Hefner  –  The Day That Thatcher Died

Major Love  –  Tear It Down

Fire Engine Red  –  Black And Blue

the Tsunami Brothers  –  Accidental Beach Party

Coeur de Pirate  –  Premonition

Dark Time  –  Tangerines

the Lytics  –  Friction

Jim Bryson  –  Cerulean

Drama Queen Martyr  –  I’ll Reprint Your Love Letter In Action Jackson Font



And Her Comeback Melted…

Rocktember continued apace as the edition of the 68Comeback Special that took place on the 13th of that month saw a birthday extravaganza to behold. Our skepticism about synthesizers came back and not everything sounded like it was supposed to, or as remembered, and then there’s that weird harmonica/toy horn sound in the Cracker song that got caught in my ear for the rest of the day – totally distracting – they are all gifts.

Cracker  –  Happy Birthday To Me

the Nation of Ulysses  –  Presidents of Vice

War Baby  –  New Age Loser

Treepeople  –  Bigmouth Strikes Again

Real Sickies  –  C’mon Baby

Phono Pony  –  Tattoo Of My Face

Superconductor  –  The Strip Oracle

Big Star  –  September Gurls

Old 97’s  –  Melt Show

Ida Toninato & Jennifer Thiessen  –  Retractable Claws

Kelly Deal & Kris Kristofferson  –  Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

Hana Vu  –  Shallow

Anybodys  –  Nevertheless

Beatnik Filmstars  –  Eight Dollar Haircut

White Denim  –  Performance

Pissed Jeans  –  She Is Science Fiction

Winters End  –  DreamWalker

Howlite  –  Gothic Romance

Pip Blom  –  Mundane

Jesse & the Dandelions  –  Not Getting Your Way

Mclusky  –  Day of the Deadringers

Virtues & Failings  –  Buffalo

Klaus  –  The Aluminoid

Bernard Falaise  –  Le Compas Dans L’Oeil


Comeback Was Changing The Minds Of Pretenders

We couldn’t possibly have let the September 6, 2018 edition of the 68Comeback Special go by without celebrating a birthday in particular and times of rebirth in general. We heard the very first Grade 12 Report, enjoyed Tom’s recitation of poetry (new feature alert!?), and we talked about the ways you could be the best monster you can be.

Earth, Wind and Fire  –  September

the Geraldine Fibbers  –  Birthday Boy

the Mouthbreathers  –  Birthdays

Plumtree  –  Scott Pilgrim

Broken Hearts Inc.  –  Please Don’t Walk Away

Gibson Bros  –  Soul Deep

Joe Henry  –  Best to Believe

Galactic  –  Heart of Steel

the Wet Secrets  –  Death of the Party

Unsane  –  Straight

Caribou  –  Hello Hammerheads

White Denim  –  It Might Get Dark

R.E.M.  –  Strange

Avalon  –  Land of Mordor

Sun Machine  –  Donna Lemonade

Dorian Concept  –  Angel Shark

the Purrs  –  Destroy the Sun

Cares  –  Melted Car Meaning

Add N to X  –  Invasion of the Polaroid People

Pout  –  Forgive/Forget

Dragon Inn 3  –  Three Minute Mile

Hex Beat  –  Modern Intro

Iggy Pop & Underworld  –  Bells & Circles

I Know A Little Stretch Of Comeback…

On the August 30, 2018 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we discovered subtext, considered the notion of September as New Year (we like it!), and conducted the very last Summertime Fun Report of 2018.

Robbie Fulks  –  (I Love) Nickels and Dimes

Simply Saucer  –  Lo-Fi Garage Symphonette

Los Campesinos  –  Don’t Tell Me To Do The Math(s)

Twilight Circus Dub Sound System  –  New Rockers

Jack Logan  –  New Used Car And A Plate of Bar-b-que

Jim White  –  Combing My Hair In A Brand New Style

Vanden Dool  –  Regrets

Supercrush  –  I Can’t Lie

Whoop-Szo  –  The Dive

Le Plaisir  –  No Ordinary Wave

Pre Nup  –  The Grudge

Richard Davies  –  Cantina

Lois  –  Not Funny, Haha

the (International) Noise Conspiracy  –  Ready Steady Go!

Ladyhawk  –  I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying

Whisper Suite  –  Heart In Hand

Tommy Keene  –  Alone In These Modern Times

Calypso King & the Soul Investigators  –  Brand New Potatoes

Latin Playboys  –  Chinese Surprize

the Twilight Singers  –  Too Tough To Die

Dark Time  –  I Miss You

Carlo  –  Farmers Market

Built to Spill  –  Randy Described Eternity


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