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Who’s 68Comeback Be Good For You

The January 3, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special was the first of the new year, so naturally we talked about how to not live in the past, how to not be a dick, why it’s important to keep your promises, and if there’s anything truly worthwhile to be found in the dumpster behind the adult video store.

A. David MacKinnon  -  The Past is a Foreign Country

A.C. Newman  -  There’s Money In New Wave

Carolyn Mark  -  You’re Not a Whore (If No One’s Paying)

Black Lips  -  Veni Vidi Vici

Willie Nelson  -  Sad Songs and Waltzes

Godspeed You Black Emperor  -  Their Helicopters’ Sing

Lemonheads  -  Fade to Black

Superchunk  -  The Mine Has Been Returned to Its Original Owner

Ty Segall  -  There is No Tomorrow

Marie Pierre Arthur  -  All Right

Cold Warps  -  Cough Drops

Ladyhawk  -  You Read My Mind

The Mouth Breathers – Bundle Up

Gallows – Outsider Art

Guided by Voices – King Arthur the Red

Guided by Voices – Skin to Skin Combat

Scott Walker – See You Don’t Bump His Head

Babysitter – Angel of Death

Zebra Pulse – One Million Squats

Old Man Luedecke – I’m Fine (I Am, I Am)

Peace – Fun & Games

Pigeon Breeders – Interior Suite 3

DOA – He’s Got a Gun

Steve Moore – Aldebran Exchange

I Wanna Rock The 68Comeback Between The Reds And Greens On Cruise Night

It was the last show of 2012, this December 27 edition of the 68Comeback Special. Taking his chance to do it all by himself as Craig busied himself with getting ready for Christmas 2013, Tom offered up an extended feature on pig knuckles, offered his predictions on where the New Year’s baby would be born, how long it would live and how many times it would marry, and talked extreme trash about every single one of the following artists. Did you miss it? For shame.

Stereolab – Neon Beanbag
Thousandsticks – Climbin’
SNFU – The Electric Chair
Bleachers – Sharks
John Guliak and the Lougan Brothers – Streets of Baltimore
Jessica Pratt – Half Twain the Jesse
Shout Out Out Out Out – This Isn’t Helping
Preyers – Skulls
Falklands – Greyhounds
Zebra Pulse – Basaraba
Black Mastiff – Pyramids
Renny Wilson – Could’ve It Been Me
Tunji Oyelana – Ojo
Guided By Voices – The Corners Are Glowing
Mise En Scene – Paris, Texas
Xlbirdsuit – Key to the City
Hank Engel – Penitent’s Song
Eamon McGrath & Peacemaker – Cut Knife City Blues
Pizzarhea – Un Bear, A Bull?!
Mogwai – Rano Pano
Little Sparta – Track 2
John K Samson – Cruise Night
Godspeed! You Black Emperor – Mladic

I See It All 68Comeback, But Who Wants Hope?

The December 13, 2012 68Comeback Special, if you’re hip to the Mayans, was the second last 68Comeback Special EV-ER, which is why we played Pig Destroyer and Townes, and why we did everything else exactly as we did it. Because nothing matters, at least not for much longer, though that shouldn’t stop a person from keeping a tidy home. Or radio show. In case we don’t see you next week, it’s been nice knowing you, more or less.

Six Finger Satellite  -  Parlor Games

A.C. Newman  -  I’m Not Talking

Townes Van Zandt  -  Rex’s Blues

Ladyhawk  -  Evil Eye

Poets of Rhythm  -  Plus Plus

Television  -  Friction

Moon Duo  -  Sleepwalker

Marie Pierre Arthur  -  Emmène Moi

Karkwa  -  Dors Dans Mon Sang

Pink Mountaintops  -  While We Were Dreaming

Marty Robbins  -  They’re Hanging Me Tonight

Cat Power  -  3, 6, 9

Pussy Monster  -  Monkey

the Ford Pier Vengeance Trio  -  Lions and Tigers and Bears

AC/DC  -  Back in Black

Toro Y Moi – So Many Details

Boats – Marblemouth

Pathology -A Bleak Future

The Falcons – Highway 99

Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat

The Mad Doctors – Evil Robot Wife

Mogwai – Rano Pano

“I Like Lou Reed,” She Said, Sticking Her Tongue In My 68Comeback

They say, or at least they will one day, that it’s not really the Christmas season until Craig emerges from a quick week’s worth of hibernation, Tom takes out the tan sweater, and Jon Mick turns up with a big-ass holiday extravaganza to plug. This year, it really became the Christmas season with December 6, 2012′s 68Comeback Special. And thank goodness for that, or else maybe it may never have happened.

the Pixies  -  I’ve Been Tired

Field & Stream  -  Fields

Jim Bryson & the Weakerthans  -  Raised All Wrong

Ty Segall  -  Thank God for Sinners

Hüsker Dü  -  Flexible Flyer

Panos  -  Fallout

Thelonious Monk  -  Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

John Mick/Rene 3000  -  Saint Mick’s Muletide Extravaganza

Sad Rockets  -  Leaky Faucet Skank

SNFU  -  The Ceiling

Hot Snakes – Plenty For All

Math the Band – Bad Jokes

Guided By Voices – Hangover Child

Sonic Youth – Death Valley ’69

Ruth Minnikin – Positively

Rev Hank Longhorn – Devil Ray

Danger Cat – Blood Red

Guillermo Gregorio Trio – Slipped Fifths

You Always Were A 68 And You Always Were A Comeback

On the November 22, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we played the ultimate moustache song, felt a little bit bad for James “Blood” Ulmer, discussed weatherproofing your home with Ladyhawk’s help and talked smack about Jian Ghomeshi WITH HIS OWN GUESTS. Also, you’ll be happy to know that Ford Pier continues to rule the world.

William S. Burroughs  -  A Thanksgiving Prayer

Pangina  -  Full Metal Moustache

Red Fang  -  Hank is Dead

Laurie Anderson  -  Born, Never Asked

Ladyhawk  -  Footprints

James “Blood” Ulmer  -  Sad Days, Lonely Nights

Fruit Bats  -  When U Love Somebody

Ford Pier Vengeance Trio  -  This Oughta Be Good

Philadelphia Complaints Choir  -  Why Why Why

Renny Wilson  -  Bound to Lose

Wire  -  Three Girl Rhumba

Tim Maia  -  The Dance is Over

Modern Superstitions  -  Black Moon

Carolyn Mark – Queen of Vancouver Island

Pig Destroyer – Baltimore Strangler

Wool on Wolves – Medicine Show

Sonic Youth – Expressway to Yr Skull

Europe Disc + Laura Gemser – Enzo Castrare la Cultivare

Old Man Luedecke – Tortoise and the Hare

Pathology – Asphyxiation Through Consumption

Mac DeMarco – Robson Girl

Yes I Eat 68Comeback, I Am Not Proud

Oh gracious me, who remembers that November 16, 2012 68Comeback Special? Moustaches! Swears! Disco! You would have had to be a fool to miss it! Uh-oooh – were you a fool?

Henry Kaiser  -  Cold Rain & Snow

Popular Workshop  -  Villains Who Twirl Their Moustaches Are Easy to Spot

Nirvana  -  Mr. Moustache

the Wet Secrets  -  Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache, Asshole

Ladyhawk  -  Rub Me Wrong

Black Moth Super Rainbow  -  Hairspray Heart

X  -  The Once Over Twice

Calexico  -  Fortune Teller

Menahan Street Band  -  Keep Coming Back

Geoff Berner  -  Oh My Golem

Sex Church  -  Wrong Side

Future of the Left  -  Goals in Slow Motion

Metz  -  Get Off

Zebra Pulse  -  Total Beef Recall

Little Whore Records – Adagio, Adagio

Breakbot – Fantasy

Mountain Goats – Harlem Roulette

Synthosaurus – Island Party

Lorenzo Cherubini – New York For Life

Old Man Luedecke – Jonah & the Whale

The Natural Shocks – Daydream

Dustin Bentall and the Smokes – Souvenirs

Maglor – Summoned

I Phone You And Say Nothing, Curse The 68Comeback The Rest Of The Day

I didn’t know before I arrived for the November 8, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special that Tom would not be there. This was disappointing because  I wanted to talk about how soft my hands felt and how good they smelled, and also about his recent Shoppers Drug Mart mission. But that’s okay, sick is sick, and it gave me a chance to celebrate the snowy Edmonton weather with a song I wrote and performed and recorded all by myself…

Jr. Gone Wild  -  Day of the First Snow

Cold Warps  -  Endless Bummer

Evil Tambourines  -  Library Nation!

Gamelan & Kecak  -  Sadha Budaya Gamelan Gong Suling

Menahan Street Band  -  Everyday a Dream

Bruce Peninsula  -  Say Yeah

Divine Fits  -  Like Ice Cream

Thad Jones  -  Something to Remember You By

Modern Superstitions  -  Way I Want

Mouthbreathers  -  Or Else

the Jesus Lizard  -  Mouth Breather

Ohama  -  Thick As a Brick

Firewater  -  The Monkey Song

the Broken West  -  The Smartest Man Alive

Cannonhead  -  You Don’t Like It But You Are

Japandroids  -  The Nights of Wine and Roses

Maïa Vidal  -  The Alphabet of My Phobias

Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Driver  -  Now is Your Next Time

Reptile Youth  -  It’s Easy to Lose Yourself

Pigeon Breeders  -  Int/

Blonds  -  The Bad Ones

Budokan  -  The Right On Girl

Black Moth Super Rainbow  -  I Think I’m Evil

On Days I Try To Please My 68Comeback

Many thanks to Edmonton’s reigning Tag Team Storytelling Champions, Shawn Ohler and Todd Babiak, who took time out of their busy schedules to pay a visit and make this the best October 25, 2012 EVER. They helped out with some advance Hallowe’en celebrations, talked about how freaking great Edmonton is and what Metallica could have done instead of what they did, and ensured that Slint got played. Who knows? Now that Tom is a horse, Mr. Ohler may yet realize a longstanding dream of his.

David Bowie  -  Scary Monsters & Super Creeps

Panther  -  Your Pants Are Creased Familiarly

Arlt  -  Le Pistolet

the Unicorns  -  Tuff Ghost

P:Ano  -  Ghost Pirate

Slint  -  Nosferatu Man

Great Kat  -  Brandenburg Concerto #3

AC Newman  -  Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns

Whitehorse  -  Peterbilt Coalmine

Cat Power  -  Silent Machine

Calexico – Fortune Teller

Shout Out Out Out – Forever Indebted

Antibalas – Dirty Money

Mac DeMarco – Freaking Out the Neighborhood

Freelove Fenner – Workshop

Diamond Rings – All the Time

Bill Anschel, Brent Jensen, Chris Symer – Blue Monk

Just Call My Name ‘Cause I’ll Hear You 68Comeback

Remember that time it was October 18, 2012? Scott’s birthday was just a couple of days away, we thought all the synthosauri were extinct, and the only Thick As a Brick in existence had a flute. Things were different then. See for yourself.

The Sahara All-Stars  -  Alikali Adajo

Model/Actress  -  Wait, What?

Shout Out Out Out  -  Procrastinator’s Fight Song

Nice Strong Arm  -  Cloud Machine

Ohama  -  Thick As a Brick

Motëm  -  Nicki Minaj

Dance Movie  -  Threw It Away for Karen O

Jawbox  -  Low Strung

Metallica  -  Master of Puppets

Robbie Fulks  -  She Took a Lot of Pills and Died

Stalwart Sons  -  Wave More Flags

Thad Jones  -  April in Paris

Best Coast  -  Rhiannon

Falklands – Don’t Take My Word For It

Dethklok – Go Into the Water

Synthosaurus – 4Realz

Crystal Mess – Beneath the Cellar Floor

Gros Mene – t’amour dans l’ROCK

King Tuff – Screaming Skull

Sarah Beatty – Finer Things

Pizzarhea – Acident!

68Comeback In Spurts

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.” As much as Tom and I enjoy pitching and giving shit away and having draws and making other people answer the phone when it rings, after two FunDrive 2012 shows (thank you for rewarding our efforts so handsomely!), we were kind of glad to get back to farting around, er, producing quality radio. So check it – October 12, 2012, baby…

The Red Shift  -  Chicken Walk ’97

Edith Frost  -  Cold and On My Mind

SK Robot  -  Star-Eyed and Tongue-Tied

Whitehorse  -  Achilles’ Desire

Richard Hell & the Voidoids  -  Love Comes in Spurts

Pointed Sticks  -  Real Thing

Teen  -  Come Back

Billy Gibbons and Co.  -  Oh Well

Miranda July  -  The F-A-T-E

Matthew Dear  -  Headcage

Michael Rault  -  Fall in Love With Every Girl I See

Flying Lotus  -  All the Secrets

B-Side Champions  -  Meltwater

Mogwai – Hasenheide

Pizzarhea – Hol Onta Dis Pear

Renny Wilson – Could’ve It Been Me

The Archaics – Two Ways/Sideways

Falklands – Don’t Take My Word For It

SK Robot – Best Friend

Fist Full ‘O Snakes – Little Cricket

The Almighty Rhombus – She Didn’t Want Me

Deerhoof – Bad Kids to the Front

Mother Mother  -  Love It Dissipates

C.AARME  -  Bodybuilding


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