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But You Just Gave Me That 68Comeback Look

On the July 4, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we tried to get you to feel bad without knowing you were feeling bad, we made up stories about Dr. Dave McNeilly (sorry Doc), we met, then exceeded, our quota for French song titles, heaped an appropriate amount of derision upon London, and we flew the Zebra Pulse flag (again). And so you know, Gabe’s Summertime Fun Report was a thing of beauty that you will regret missing (if you missed it) for a long, long time, so don’t let that happen again.

Extra Action Marching Band  –  Dirge

Palace  –  More Brother Rides

King Kong  –  Animal

Times New Viking  –  Devo and Wine

Doug Hoyer  –  To Be a River

Gold & Youth  –  Daylight Colours

Devo  –  Jocko Homo

Beekeeper  –  Oh Hi!

Pernice Brothers  –  Water Ban

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Drank

Zebra Pulse  –  Psychic Dinner Disco

Bo Diddley  –  Do What I Say

Zeus  –  Ignition (Remix)

King Khan & the Shrines  –  Le Fils de Jacques Dutronic

Deerhunter  –  Punk (La Vie Anterieure)

Rita Hosking  –  Where Time is Reigning

Jr. Gone Wild – I Fell Dumb

Sendo Senshi Soundtrack – Looking For Izumi

Labradoodle – Hyperallergenic

Montag – PIECES

Bitter Fictions – Desert Rider

Night Marchers – Tropical Depression

Emmylou Harris – Heart Like a Wheel

Champion – Requiem

These Are 68Comeback Years, You’d Better Make Them Last

It would have been pretty swanky even if it only came with the last Grade 6 Report of the year/last elementary level report from Gabe EVER and a brief cameo from Sadie, but the June 27, 2013 edition also featured a set for any and all those who may happen to be graduating around this time, pats on the back for everyone who helped out with Shred Island, and other stuff that I don’t remember now because it was days ago.

Husker Du  –  These Important Years

Islands  –  Kids Don’t Know Shit

Joe Henry  –  Time Is a Lion

Times New Viking  –  The End of All Things

Labradoodle  –  Fast Doom

Big Deal  –  Dream Machines

Bevel Emboss  –  I Thought She Was There

Massive Ferguson  –  Yr. Precious Ear

the Ketamines  –  Everybody Gets Down

the Constantines  –  Some Party

Alice Cooper  –  Be My Lover

Crosss  –  Mountain King

the Night Marchers  –  2 Guitars Sing

Garage a Trois  –  Etienne

Aesop Rock  –  Limelighters

Black Thunder – Blind Fool

The Courtneys – Nu Sundae

Club 8 – Kill Kill Kill

Zebra Pulse – My Hands Sparkle Like Lemons

Energetic Action – Wounds

Freak Heat Waves – Submission

Spoke & Mirror – Post Electric Poverty

There Is Nothing In This World More Bitter Than 68Comeback

During the June 6, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we recalled that June is the most dreadful month (with early June being the most full of dread), made fun of Nine Inch Nails, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky all in one go, and broke with tradition long enough to talk nice about Folk Fest* for once. On the Grade 6 Report, Gabe and I discussed the bitter end of elementary school, sundials and what makes a good music teacher. And those secret plans, the ones we make while the mics are off? We made more.

Camper Van Beethoven  –  June

Ghostkeeper  –  Luella

Chad Van Gaalen  –  Flower Gardens

Dark Horses  –  No Dice

Ray Condo & His Hard Rock Goners  –  Sinner

Jim White  –  It’s Been A Long, Long Day

Elvis Perkins in Dearland  –  Doomsday

Ladyhawk  –  The Dugout

Godspeed You! Black Emperor  –  Moya

Foxygen  –  Oh Yeah

Pawa Up First  –  KNTKT

Plumes  –  The Holdup

Charles Bradley – The World is Going Up In Flames

Hidden Cameras – Snowblink

Mandates – Is She Coming Back

Zebra Pulse – Placenta’s Lament

AA Wallace – Complaining About Airports

Bitter Fictions – Raise

Erika Werry and the Alphabet – What

Lad Mags – Lover

Coathangers – Derek’s Song

Duke Ellington and John Coltrane – My Little Brown Book

*while pointedly setting aside Neko Case’s plans to break my daughter’s heart

68Comeback, Get In Here!!!

On the May 23, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we celebrated 100 years of the Rite of Spring, imagined Edmonton as City of Soundsystems and considered the mad genius of Gene K. with our good friend and guest Parrkerr Jamz Tazin, came down strongly on the side of Shane McGowan having teeth, and made sure that Auntie Chrissy’s day was going okay.

Igor Stravinsky  –  The Rite of Spring

Caribou  –  A Final Warning

Sobanza Mimanisa  –  Kiwembo

the J. Jonah Jamesons  –  Parker, Get In Here

Parrkerr Jamz Tazin  –  Dr. Who

Parrkerr Jamz Tazin  –  Jazzy Song

the Men  –  The Brass

David Bowie  –  It Ain’t Easy

Tevye  –  If I Were A Rich Man

Mikey Maybe w/ Mitchmatic  –  We Both Kiss You

Luxury Liners  –  Clear or Brown

Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills

Good Family – Leaf in a Storm

Rhythm of Cruelty – In Time

Thee Oh Sees – Devil Again

She & Him – Snow Queen

Shane McGowan – Leaving of Liverpool

Iggy & the Stooges – Unfriendly World

Pure X – Someone Else

Bad Livers – Clawhammer Fish

I Can Grow My Own 68Comeback Anytime

Some call it May 16, 2013. Others, those who listened to the 68Comeback Special that day, call it The Day Everything Changed, as a bunch of Hot Plains characters, thinking they smelled an easy meal, descended upon a lone booth-occupying Tom, who quickly trained them to sit up on their haunches and sing We Are the World, haphazardly and in near-unison.

Nick Cave  –  Higgs Bosun Blues
!!!  –  Get That Rhythm Right
Shotgun Jimmie  –  Carry On
Freddie Hubbard  –  Mr Clean
LadMags  –  Tricks
Field + Stream  –  I Dont Hurt Anymore
Wet Secrets  –  Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache
Arrowz  –  Believer
Allovers  –  Tub Time
Shuggie Otis  –  Inspiration Information
Night Marchers  –  Tropical Depression
Field + Stream  –  Cabineer/Soccer/Tune Out Song
Renny Wilson  –  Bound to Lose
Brazilian Money  –  Party ’til I’m Dead
Switches  –  Bones & Hair

Cruel To Be 68Comeback, In The Right Measure

Tom’s back! He went away, but then he returned in time for the May 9, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, during which we did a little something for the mothers, had a nice visit with Fish and Norm from the Golden West Music Fest, nominated Ted Wright for Poet Laureate of Edmonton and reminded Chad that Cruel to be Kind exists. Victory!

Sixtoo  –  Karmic Retribution

Charles Mingus  –  All the Things You Could Be By Now if Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother

the Decemberists  –  A Cautionary Tale

the Knife  –  We Share  Our Mother’s Health

Mitch Matic  –  Discovering Pain

the Get Down  –  Dirty Power

the Get Down  –  Gut Feeling

Janitor Joe  –  African Necklace

Kurt Vile  –  Too Hard

Lemonheads  –  Ballarat

Sloan  –  Filler

Nick Lowe – Cruel to be Kind

Nevada Base – Foresight

Ghostkeeper – The Indians

Wilfred n the Grown Men – I’m in Love With the City

Supersax – Salt Peanuts

Free Energy – Get Ready

Babysitter – Angel of Death

Michael Dunn & the Moanin’ After – Brand New Shoes

Filipino Doctor – Lost Tribe of Manhattan

2013-05-10 19.25.12-2

A 68Comeback, A Broken Heart, And You’re Still On My Mind

On the May 2, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we (very royally) mourned George Jones, re-mourned Adam Yauch, celebrated Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday, counted down how many weeks until Neko Case breaks our daughter’s heart (15) and also cryptically observed a milestone in said daughter’s life. No Grade 6 Report because Gabe was on his way back from the Fort MacMurray fact-finding mission, but next week’s report, you do not want to miss. Tom’s back next week too, so that’s the very least of what next week’s got going for it, but this week was really good, too.

Beastie Boys  –  Time to Get Ill

Display of Decay  –  Eternal Agony

Shellac  –  The Billiard Player Song

Schlonk  –  God Made Buttocks for Spanking

the Master Musicians of Jajouka  –  El Medahey

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  –  Higgs Boson Blues

Neko Case  –  This Tornado Loves You

Cub  –  Life of Crime

Fruit Bats  –  Lives of Crime

Willie Nelson  –  Your Memory Won’t Die In My Grave

George Jones  –  You’re Still On My Mind

Les Soeurs Boulay  –  Ça Mouille Les Yeux

Carla Bruni  –  La Valse Posthume

Superchunk  –  Skip Steps 1 & 3

Fugazi  –  I’m So Tired

the Besnard Lakes  –  And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold

Joshua Van Tassel  –  Bottom of the Well

John Zorn/Cobra  –  Pendet

Boats  –  We Got Tables and Chairs

!!!  –  Fine Fine Fine

Stagmummer  –  Little Scratches

Cows  –  Mr. Cancelled

Pissed Jeans  –  Loubs

Slap ‘Em On The Back With A 68Comeback

Tom wasn’t present for the April 25, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special because we sent him abroad for a Spring semester of boarding school/cricket camp, leaving Craig all alone and, worse, unsupervised. Same goes for next week, in case you missed this week.

Girls Against Boys  –  If Glamour is Dead

Sonic  Youth  –  Total Trash

Feist + the Constantines  –  Islands in the Stream

Yo La Tengo  –  You Can Have it All

Les Soeurs Boulay  –  Ton Amour est Passé de Mode

Les Georges Leningrad  –  Lollipop Lady

Martha Wainwright  –  La Nuit N’en Finit Pas

John Lee Hooker  –  T.B. Sheets

Gang of Four  –  I Found That Essence Rare

Horses  –  Lay Down

Jim Carroll  –  Terrorist Trousers

Greg MacPherson Band  –  Numbers

John Jerome & the Congregation  –  Great Claims of Grandeur

Mincer Ray  –  OMM @12.3; Fouled Acme

the Mae Shi  –  Born for a Short Time

Come  –  Yr. Reign

Hot Little Rocket  –  Down With Safe

Marnie Stern  –  Nothing is Easy

the Moldy Peaches  –  Jorge Regula

Sharon Van Etten  –  We Are Fine

Richard Thompson  –  Stony Ground

Suuns  –  Powers of Ten

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  –  Jubilee Street

Angels, Lay Your 68Comebacks Around

On the April 18, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we celebrated Tom’s triumphant return by talking shit about you behind your back. That’s not all we did, and shit-about-you-behind-your-back is not all that we talked about, but it’s what comes to mind now. Sorry.

D.O.A.  –  General Strike

Tom Waits  –  You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Zeus  –  Ignition (Remix)

Charles Bradley  –  Hurricane

the Dismemberment Plan  –  Onward Fat Girl

the Delta 72  –  Rich Girls Like to Steal

Suuns  –  Bambi

Lync  –  Pennies to Save

the Abigails  –  I’ll Be Waiting

Unknown Mortal Orchestra  –  Monki

John Jerome & the Congregation  –  She Speaks to Animals

Black Mountain  –  Angels

Boris  –  Afterburner

Nobunny  –  Never Been Kissed

Ford Pier – Of Course He Is a Magnificent Driver

Billy Bragg – No One Knows Nothing Anymore

Homeshake – Moon Woman

Replacements – I’m Not Saying

Jom Comyn – The Dead

Filipino Doctors – Vibrating Moon Over Ipanema

Mudhoney – I Like It Small

Dump – Secret Blood

Nu Sensae – Throw

A 68Comeback Life For Me

On the April 11, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we mourned Reveen, warned Margaret Thatcher and Ralph Klein to stay gone, promised the kids something very blecchy for supper (a lie; we fed them very well this evening), dedicated a song to Tom, who couldn’t come today because he was either facing Death or revelling in his bachelor’s life, and other stuff, too. If you missed the Grade 6 Report, well that’s really your loss because it was sooo good (he spoke a lot of French), and if you missed the whole show, then you’ve probably missed Sister Double Happiness for another decade. EVENTFUL.

War Baby  –  Eternal Life Insurance

Reveen  –  You Are Going to Relax

Fontanelle  –  Style Drift

Boats  –  Sad Legs

Cumstain  –  Bachelor’s Life

Thee Ahs  –  Pretty Girls

Firewater  –  Some Strange Reaction

the Kandinsky Effect  –  Left Over Shoes

Suuns  –  Edie’s Dream

Dump  –  Superpowerless

Bad Livers  –  Yearning

Ghostkeeper  –  Turn Up the Heat

Amy van Keeken  –  You in My Mind

Sister Double Happiness  –  Hey Kids

the Bicycles  –  Baby Boy

Iceage  –  Wounded Hearts

Mudhoney  –  What to do With the Neutral

Charles Bradley  –  Put a Flame On It

the Milk Carton Kids  –  Whisper in Her Ear

Peter Bruntnell  –  Jurassic Parking Lot

Jim Bryson  –  Sleeping in Toronto

Black Thunder  –  Doomed

Low  –  On My Own


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