The 68Comebacks Who Moil For Gold

For trivia buffs, this was the coldest January 19, 2012 the 68Comeback Special has ever seen/felt. Best thing to do to beat the cold is probably read this here songlist, yeah?

the Herbaliser  -  Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw

R.S. Steinberg  -  The Cremation of Sam McGee   And hey, as promised, a link to Wells Tower’s GQ article about the Yukon’s new gold rush.

Arthur Russell  -  Soon To Be Innocent Fun

Tom Zé  -  Só (solidão)

Luna  -  Sweet Child o’Mine

D-Sisive  -  GG Allin

Krang  -  Local Smoke

the Velvet Underground  -  I Found a Reason

the Darcys  -  Peg

Hands & Teeth  -  Parallel States

Slayer  -  Seasons in the Abyss

Black Dice  -  Miles of Smiles

Colour Me Psycho  -  Stiff All Over

Force MDs – Force MDs Meet the Fat Boys

Long Weekends – Show Your Face

Robin Hood Ensemble – Cold Cold Wind

Asexuals – Contra – Rebels

Standards – Breakout

Synthcake – Musicophilia

Beach Boys – Vegetables

Will Scott – 1 2 3 4

Rae Spoon – When I Said There Was An End to Love I Was Lying

Michael Vlatkovich Ensemblio – Leg Belly Neon Kill Climb Unaware Pride

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